10 janvier 2016


Trail Runner Foundation

Concrete actions and cleaner trails !

Founded 2013 at the heart of the Pyrenees by 2 trail runners tired of finding waste along the tracks, Trail Runner Foundation is getting bigger and bigger… Since its earliest days, it has seen many « useful collective runs », hundreds of Trailers and hikers joined the cause, and the birth of the TRF label. All have crowned the efforts of the organizations which implement the best sustainable practices for eco-responsible races …

Trail Runner Foundation is growing every day with more than 1 000 official members and thousands of supporters sharing an eco-friendly vision of trail running.


Birth of the organization

Trail Runner Foundation was born during a simple training session up in the mountains… Laurent and Nicolas found an empty gel tube, a piece of plastic wrapper and other rubbish scattered here and there…

Of course, their first impulse was to criticize these pseudo “wide open space lovers”, who no doubt were too hasty, too selfish, or just too distracted to pick them up.

But soon they decided to take action, and pick up the forgotten waste they found on their way. The following question soon crossed their mind: what if there were thousands of runners sharing this simple idea that we must not give up? That each one of us can have an impact on protecting our playground our environment?

The Non-Profit Organization was born, with the motto: “Run useful!”

Nicolas Bernard et Laurent Etchamendy 2014_02_02Nottoobad rendezvousutile_sarakorrika

Every member is an actor, every single day

Whether during practice or competing challenges, the members of the organization run and pick up the waste they find on their way. There is no better way to combine passion for trail running and respect of the environment, this nature that offers us such a magnificent playground!

When sharing their actions and testimonials on the blog wall and social networks, all these actors – who are useful each one of them at their own level – contribute to the collective efficiency of the Trail Runner Foundation community.

The Official Trail Runner Foundation Label

This notoriety naturally led the organization to award a label rewarding the commitment of organizers of eco-responsible races.

To obtain the Trail Runner Foundation label, the race must respect the 5 articles of the charter, which are uncompromising:
Awareness-raising action before and during the race, a collective run to clean the trail before the race, the use of reusable cups and environmentally-friendly marking, and a clean trail route after the race.

These are the pillars of the charter, available on the organization’s website.


The « Useful Run Trail Recons», convivial and useful collective routes!!

To set an example and take actions are values Trail Runner Foundation believes in.
Thus the runners meet right before the race during « Useful Run Trail Recons »
Organized by the organization’s local ambassadors and the races’ organizers,
these run trail recons enable all runners to check out the run trail before the
race and to collect the trash on the trails to make this collective run useful.

Lolo et Yann - Trail Ossau L'ambassadeur de l'année 2014, prince des landes 


The organization regularly receives congratulations and support either from new members, race partners, or sponsoring athletes such as Julien Jorro, Maud Gobert, Guillaume Beauxis or Benoît Cori, the recent winner of the Templiers and one of our very first members.

Declared to be of general interest and 1% for the Planet, Trail Runner Foundation has also been able to rely on the generosity of many contributors, who enabled the purchase of reusable markers that were lent to race organizers to help them reach the label standards.

How to Join Trail Runner Foundation

Membership is open to everyone, from the mere hikers to the top athletes, but also to any race that wishes to be part of an eco-responsible approach.

To join the Trail Runner Family, simply download the link to the membership platform and pay an individual contribution of €15, because joining Trail Runner Foundation must be accessible to all, without any consideration or interest. For each membership a plate of stickers and a recycled neoprene bracelet in the colors of TRF will be sent out to you.







www.trailrunnerfoundation.com or the Facebook page of the organization

Mail : contact@trailrunnerfoundation.com Tel : +33 6 19 04 15 87
Trail Runner Foundation, 8 rue Bellevue, 64420 SOUMOULOU (France)